Copal: tree and mysticism

Copal is an endemic tree located in Mexico and Central America. The reason copal tree is most often used to create an Oaxacan alebrijes is because it tends to be softer and the artisans could mold the wood figures much better.

This tree has a medicinal use, too: it clears the body and keeps mosquitos away.

It also has other purpose. Copal resin is considered sacred to our people. It goes as far back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Mass amounts of copal resin were burned atop the Aztec and Mayan pyramids as offerings to the gods and deities. In the Mayan ruins, copal was discovered

Copal resin is considered “food of the gods”, because it is commonly used in Mesoamerican offerings since pre-Hispanic times.

Nowadays, copal resin is commonly used in Day of the Death offerings, which is an important element to cleanse the place of evil spirits so the soul can enter your house without any danger.

The synergy of these two elements: a soft tree that can be carved and used as row material for making alebrijes, and the mysticism that involve the copal resin when it’s burned in our traditional offerings, make the identity of our shop:

Copal: the synergy of two worlds. 

Some information from “Energy Muse” blog.

Photo by @lafloreriaco

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