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How Alebrijes are made?

The first step to craft an alebrije consists in one principle: the selection of wood. Our handcraft artist, mainly work with copal, ayacahuite, fresno and zompantle trees. These trees grow in several areas of our country, mostly in the southern region of Mexico where Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero and Michoacan are located.

The copal tree is the most common raw material use to craft an alebrije.  This source of raw material is flexible and easy handling for this propose.

The artist selects a single part of the tree and “visualizes” the piece. To become an alebrije, the piece of wood most has the singularity that the craftsman/woman are looking for. View more…

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  • What does Alebrije mean?
    Is a colored Mexican folk art sculpture, which most of the times is very bright and full decorated. The sculpture is a fantastical (mythical) creature. Some of the people identify these creatures as “chimeras” (hybrid animal), which most of the Read More